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GABA tea can lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure (also called hypertension) is caused when the arteries become hardened and narrowed. This causes the heart to work harder to maintain blood flow. GABA tea reduces high blood pressure by a process that widens blood vessels.

Normal blood pressure is below 120/80; blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is called “pre-hypertension”, and a blood pressure of 140/90 or above is considered high blood pressure.

High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms, and many people do not realize they have it. Nevertheless it can cause serious health problems including heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure.

Approximately 60 million Americans have high blood pressure - about 1 in 4 adults. Untreated high blood pressure can cause death and disability die to heart attacks, strokes, or kidney failure.

Although most people do not realize they have high blood pressure until it is measured, a few report vague symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision.

The most common type of high blood pressure is called primary or essential hypertension. Aproximately 95% of patients with hypertension have this type.

The exact causes of hypertension is not known, but there are lifestyle factors that are associated with high blood pressure. They include:

  • obesity (very overweight)
  • high alcohol consumtion
  • eating lots of salt
  • living under a lot of stress
  • use of certain medications (such as appetite suppressants, cold preparations, and migraine medications)
  • pain
  • drugs such as alcohol toxicity or cocaine

High blood pressure may also be heriditary since it tends to run in families.

Secondary hypertension

The other 5% of patients with high blood pressure suffer from secondary hypertension. The condition is caused by another disease and high-blood pressure is a symptom of this illness.

Secondary hypertension can be caused by:

  • kidney disease
  • adrenal gland disease
  • narrowing of the aorta
  • renal artery stenosis
  • diabetes

Secondary hypertension is also sometimes associated with contraceptives, steroids, or by pregnancy causing pre-eclampsia.

GABA tea has proven effective for lowering blood pressure, but you should always consult with a doctor to be properly diagnosed. GABA tea can be used safely as a supplement for prescribed medications, but it should never take the place of professional medical care. High blood pressure is a killer. If you have high blood pressure follow your doctor's advice and drink GABA tea three times a day.


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